"I've never had a window well before!

By Mark B - March 10, 2023

"HELP!  I've just moved to Denver from Arizona.  We don't have basements in our area and I've never seen a window well before.  It looks like a dangerous hole in the ground.  My neighbor recommends steel window well grates.  I don't like the way they look.  What other options are there?" 
Don in Aurora

Help is on the way Don! 

People are moving by the thousands to Colorado, many of whom have never had a basement and window wells are foreign to them.  Those of us who have window wells know that their function are two fold.  They allow light into an otherwise dark basement, and allow egress out of the basement in an emergency situation when there are no other avenues of escape.

Now window wells are famous for their ability to collect snow and hail, leaves and other lawn debris, and of course, the carcasses of small animals that have had the misfortune to fall into these gaping pits.  Not to mention, pets and children often fall victim to uncovered window wells.  Steel window well grates can keep the small animals, children, and pets out of the window wells.  But...and this is a big BUT...steel grates are heavy and dangerous, often sharp and unfinished and prone to rust, and WILL NOT keep snow, hail, torrential rain, leaves, sticks and other debris out of the wells.

Only Coverwell Custom Window Well Covers can insure that ALL of the above can be excluded from your window wells.  Our custom window well covers are manufactured from crystal clear polycarbonate and a proprietary aluminum support sytem.  They are as strong as steel grate covers, supporting over 800 pounds.  They shed water, hail and snow from your window wells, and deflect debris falling from trees and bushes.  Our custom window well covers are computer cut to match your window wells precisely.  And BONUS, our custom window well covers can be locked down adding another level of safety and protection for your home. 

No matter the size or configuration, small half rounds to enormous light wells, casement style windows that rise above the window wells and open outward, or crazy multi-step timber wells, Coverwell Custom Window Well Covers can cover them all.  Think it can't be done?  Well, we say it can.

Enjoy your new home.  Whether you are a window well veteran, or a newbie to these confusing holes in the ground, Coverwell Custom Window Well Covers is here to help!

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